Making tech careers more accessible...

Brown Girl Tech World is working to increase the presence of women of color in AI, Cloud, and Cyber Security through immersive tech programs, skill enhancement, and providing grants and scholarships.

We aim to:
👉🏾 help 1,000 women of color obtain cybersecurity and cloud-related certifications,
👉🏾 help 10,000 women of color land tech roles,
👉🏾 partner with local governments + school systems in disadvantaged areas to increase the value and presence of technical curriculums in schools, and
👉🏾 build strong tech recruitment pipelines with culture-conscious companies.

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accelerated transition
Helping you push the needle forward in your career transition.
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innovation lab
Connecting minority women with brilliant ideas to a direct pipeline of funding and resources in 3 days.
Helping 10,000 women of color land entry/mid/senior level roles across AI, Cloud, and Cyber Security.